Following the sun across the nation, we see first-hand how solar is working for America and meet today's solar generation: the project developers, manufacturers, installers and of course, the clients - the people who are using solar power in its various forms for their homes, businesses and public buildings.


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Solar Electricity

Looking forward to green energy that will cut you electric bills?
Mr-Solar has aligned itself with a network of experts to advise and consult with you on how to design, install and maintain systems using solar, wind, and/or water energy. These low-maintenance systems for residential, commercial, or industrial property will reduce operating costs, conserve natural resources, and protect you from rising electrical costs.
The Process Begins
As is the case with all our high-quality solar work (no matter the size), Mr-Solar details their entire work process in phases. The following is an overview:

Phase I - Estimating (Analysis of Existing Conditions)
One of our highly trained Solar Consultants will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home and surrounding areas to determine the scope of work necessary, and any existing or potential problems. During our inspection, and to assist in our analysis, our consultant will create a detailed overview if necessary.
Phase II - Customer Education and Consultation
During this step we will provide you with all the facts and information gained by our inspection and analysis. We will explain what it all means and answer all your questions. In addition, we will listen to your concerns, ideas and objectives, and assist you in any manner necessary to help you make the best decisions regarding the scope of work and materials for your project.
Phase III Agreement
The Agreement Phase is a result of, and will reflect, your decisions. Every contract from agreement is thorough, customer-friendly, and specific to your job. A Mr-Solar agreement specifies the scope of work for your project, and our obligations and responsibilities to you. The following items are included in every one of our contracts:
      • Materials - A specific listing of all materials needed for the job
      • Clean-up - Specifies your property will be kept clean during and after installation
      • Price - All taxes are included in the contract price
      • Warranty - Your contract will become a Warranty document
Phase IV - Repair and Installation
The high technical quality and professionalism of our installations has satisfied over thousands of customers. The primary reasons for our successful installations are:
      • Self-Supervision - Our team has no responsibility other than making sure they perform according to our installation and behavioral standards.
      • Standards - We have a firm set of technical and behavioral standards to which we hold our team to. In addition to requiring proper installation techniques, we ensure the highest level of personal conduct is on display at all our jobs.. We respect you and your home. Our company is built on a high level of customer service which results in the referrals of new customers.
Phase V - Clean Up
Clean up around your home is a very critical step in our repair and installation phase. The area in which we worked will be inspected to insure that all debris is removed.
Phase VI - Follow-Up
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