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Solar Pool Heating

Swimming pools provide a great way to exercise and beat the summer heat. Building and maintaining a pool, however, also means relatively high costs added to your household’s budget. There are several ways that you can reduce operating and maintenance costs, lower water consumption, and conserve heat if you heat your pool. Many people heat their pools to extend the swimming season and/or to keep it at a temperature that they are personally comfortable with. This lets them enjoy the full value from their pool. Solar pool heaters are an option to heat the pool with “clean” energy from the sun, and can reduce heating costs. The PDF fact sheet link at the bottom of this page discusses options for reducing the costs for operating and heating your pool.

Solar Pool Heaters

If you have taken steps to retain your pool’s heat but are still not happy with your heating bills, or if you plan to install a new pool, a solar pool heater may be a good investment. Such heating systems are one of the most cost-effective applications of solar energy. It is relatively simple to integrate a solar water heater since most pools require a pump, filter, and plumbing. With a solar energy system, the pool’s water is pumped through the filter and then through a solar energy collector(s) instead of directly back to the pool. The sun heats the water in the collector(s) before it returns to the pool. If you add a solar heater, you may need a pump larger than your present one, or a separate, smaller pump to pump the pool’s water to and through the solar collectors. Adding any heater, solar or otherwise, will preclude selecting the smallest pump. Nevertheless, you also may reduce pumping time to help cut costs. Unlike solar domestic water heating systems, which raise a small amount of water to a high temperature of about 140°F, pool heaters raise the temperature of several thousand gallons of water to about 80°F by circulating the water at a relatively fast rate through the collectors. This allows most of the solar energy falling on the collectors to transfer to the pool water. Solar collectors can also be used to cool the pool in hot climates or during peak summer months by circulating the water through the collectors at night. The collectors lose heat by radiation to the night sky.

Once you’ve invested in a swimming pool, you want to get the most enjoyment you can from it. But if your pool is too cold to use for many months at a time, you are not realizing the full benefit of your investment. A gas or electric heater can heat your pool effectively – but exorbitantly high energy bills and environmental damage are inevitable results.


Heating your pool with an efficient Mr. Solar Pool Heating System is the answer to dramatically extending your swimming season and getting the most from your investment, while saving energy and money using clean, renewable solar power.  We make it easy – and affordable – to extend your swimming season! Our solar power collectors work with your pool’s filter to efficiently transfer the sun’s free heat to your pool and spa. Solar pool heaters help to reduce your pool’s carbon footprint. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re heating your pool with the most cost-effective, cleanest, most environmentally friendly source of energy there is…the sun! Our solar pool heaters provide long lasting, easy access hot water allowing you to heat up small or large heating surfaces. Not only are they easy to install, but the easy access set up and installation procedure allows you to take them down during the winter months or move them to better positions closer to the sun. Either way our solar hot water heaters are great for pool heating for years to come.



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