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Going Green Around Your Home

When it comes to making our world a healthier place, we think it is important to stay on top of cutting edge, “green” technology. In order to offer our customers energy saving alternatives, we have educated ourselves on innovative, technological options in order to address customers’ concerns and offer them “green” solutions.
      • Change fluorescent light bulbs. The heat from incandescent bulbs makes your air conditioner work harder and uses more energy, elevating your bill. Ask Mr-Solar about the new dimmers that can save you money!

      • Before upgrading your air conditioner to a bigger unit, try tinting your windows!

      • Turn off ceiling fans when you leave a room. They simply push air around; the motor produces heat and uses energy, which costs you money. Ask Mr-Solar about Eco minders, the latest green technology. This technology automatically turns your fans and lights on or off for you when you enter or leave a room!

      • Buy Energy Star appliances and lighting fixtures. They cost a little more but they will soon pay for themselves because they use less electricity.

      • Avoid pre-rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

      • Clean the lint filter in your dryer before every load to dry your clothes faster and save money.

      • Adjust the water level on your washing machine to match the load size, especially when using hot water. Always use a cold rinse.

      • Limit the time you run your pool pump:
          • Summer: six hours a day
          • Winter: four hours a day

      • Clean or replace your ac filter every month to trim your cooling costs and help your unit run more efficiently.

      • Cool your home at 78° or warmer with the thermostat fan switch on “auto.” For additional savings, raise your thermostat to 82° or warmer when you are away from home.



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