Following the sun across the nation, we see first-hand how solar is working for America and meet today's solar generation: the project developers, manufacturers, installers and of course, the clients - the people who are using solar power in its various forms for their homes, businesses and public buildings.


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Fun Facts!
  • The average person in the United States produces about 6.5 pounds of trash every day.
  • If you throw away two aluminum cans, you would waste more energy than is used daily by each of a billion citizens in poorer countries.
  • The energy saved from one recycled aluminum can will operate a television for three hours
  • A solar panel changes energy from sunlight into electricity.
  • Sunlight or electricity can be used to power a carís motor instead of gasoline or diesel.
  • Earth is a huge solar collector.
  • Solar energy can be used to heat your home.
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